Datura Inoxia- Charm is deceitful

Datura Inoxia
I recently snapped this photo at our local botanical garden. I made the comment on Facebook that because of it’s great beauty and subtlety, I was sure I would see this flower someday in heaven. So I looked it up to find out it’s name and the meaning in the language of flowers. Come to find out, it is commonly called Devil’s Trumpet. It’s foliage has been used for vision quests and the like and can be deadly. The only creature that is unaffected by it’s pollen is the honey bee.
So will I see this beautiful creation in heaven one day? My opinion? Yes! But no more deceit, no more toxicity- the “sting” will be gone.
“O death where is your sting?”

Knee Deep in Zinnias

Knee Deep in Zinnias

As I gaze at Grandma standing knee deep in the Zinnias, I want to be there- drinking in the moment- stopping the raging current of time, enjoying the colors, the scents, Grandma’s touch, Grandma’s cheer.
Thank you God for Grandma’s love of flowers and for passing that love on to me.
Thank you for her cheerful heart and always smile.
Thank you Lord, thank you!



With the coming of the new year, I have needed a refreshing of my devotional time. With that in mind, I picked up Ann Vostcamp’s “One Thousand Gifts Devotional”.
So because of the inspiration and graces that she has helped me to see, my blog will be a chronicle of the God given gifts that I find in the everyday.
My goal: 1,000 thank yous in the year.
1. Thank you God. You could have given us a black and white world but instead, your loving hand gave us color- bold and vibrant.