The grayness has come for 6 weeks I face it.
The trees are bare, their limbs etched in black across the sky.
Coldness creeps into the bones; the chill will not leave me.
Ashes are upon my forehead, death is embraced.

Judgment must be executed.
It is all I deserve.
I am guilty, the crime has been committed;
no more excuses can be made.

But I am not beaten,
the stripes I deserve are given to another.
I cannot bear to watch.
My heart is torn to pieces.

In His pain, He reaches to me.
I grasp His hand, I kiss His feet.
I am covered in His blood.

His blood purifies. My robe is white- spotless.
I am embraced, His mark upon my forehead.

Life is embraced.

Resurrection has come

Once upon… a cup of coffee

Once Upon a Time
Once upon a time…..there was a woman, mature in years but strong in body and fair of heart.
She lived nestled in a cozy cottage with a view of an expanse of green, with great tall trees and the sound of laughing children.
Each day upon arising, she brewed a dark and strong elixir, magic in it’s power to give her strength and power for her day. Without this elixir, her morning was thick with fog and her body slow to move.
She especially loved waking on the first day of the week as her love, himself mature in years and strong of body, would brew this elixir for her and bring it to her bedchamber.
There they would speak of adventures ahead, some great and some small.
Though this may seem but a small gesture to those reading of this, it was, in fact, a great and noble gesture touching the woman’s heart beyond words.