The grayness has come for 6 weeks I face it.
The trees are bare, their limbs etched in black across the sky.
Coldness creeps into the bones; the chill will not leave me.
Ashes are upon my forehead, death is embraced.

Judgment must be executed.
It is all I deserve.
I am guilty, the crime has been committed;
no more excuses can be made.

But I am not beaten,
the stripes I deserve are given to another.
I cannot bear to watch.
My heart is torn to pieces.

In His pain, He reaches to me.
I grasp His hand, I kiss His feet.
I am covered in His blood.

His blood purifies. My robe is white- spotless.
I am embraced, His mark upon my forehead.

Life is embraced.

Resurrection has come