Hiding Place


Several weeks ago, I looked out my window and saw a little white dog in our front yard. He was obviously alone so I was concerned that he might be lost. When I went outside and slowly approached him, he was timid for about a nano second and then went crazy with joy to see me. He was over the top friendly and easily followed me into the backyard where I quickly closed the gate so that he could not run off again. After I got him some water, Frank and I checked his tag that stated that he had a chip and if lost to call the number on the tag. So we made the call.
Now you would think that finding one lost dog in your backyard would be it, no more lost dogs but not so. A few weeks after that, I again was looking out my kitchen window, (mmm… I think that I must do that allot), and saw a neighbor boy in our front yard. Then the doorbell rang and he told me that there was a dog in our backyard. He thought that the dog was lost and belonged to some people who were out on there bikes looking for their dog. So, the two of us, the neighbor boy and I, explored my backyard and sure enough up on our deck there was a tiny brown dog with big ears and sad eyes. While I gave the little guy (the dog not the boy) some water the neighbor boy headed out on his bike to see if he could find the people looking for their lost dog.
I tell you, I can relate to those two dogs. How often, I too start running, get going too fast, get distracted and end up bewildered thirsty and tired and needing a safe haven.
Oh and our doggie visitors? Our first doggie’s owner was contacted and he showed up in a matter of minutes. It seems that Billie, that’s the little guys name, just lived around the corner. He had slipped out when his owner opened a door. He was ridiculously happy to see his owner and so was joyfully reunited with his loving family.
Our second little visitor did indeed belong to the family scouring the neighborhood on their bikes. His name is Tank and it seems that the family had just got Tank from his former owners. Tank too ran out of an open door probably on the search for the home he had just left behind. He was more cautious than Billie when his new owners came to fetch him but he was hugged and loved and made over. So I’m sure he went back to a loving home.
We are still a little puzzled as to why the neighborhood dogs are showing up in our backyard. We think that there is a secret doggie sign on our house that says “Dog lovers live here.”
As for myself, my Savior is always with me so even though I may feel a little lost and bewildered at times, He never leaves me. As David wrote in Psalm 32:7, “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”

(the photo is of my Maggie, who passed a few years ago. She was the sweetest dog on the planet and I still haven’t stopped missing her.)